As an individual, corporation or trust paying tax is an ongoing government obligation. However nobody wants to pay more tax than necessary. Understanding the complexities of the local tax system, and in some cases those of other countries, can be time consuming as well as costly if you do not get it right.

p class=”intro”>MGI has an established track record as a business growth advisor not just for growing businesses but also for people on the move. We provide practical solutions backed up by well-researched advice to ensure your tax obligations are managed effectively.

p class=”intro”>MGI’s business growth advisors specialise in understanding and interpreting tax legislation and rulings. And should your business circumstances make your tax obligations unmanageable, we can also negotiate on your behalf with the IRD to achieve a more manageable outcome.

p class=”intro”>By using MGI when the tax man visits, you can be confident that your business can meet the demands of his scrutiny.

Our Services

  • Tax effective business structures
  • Tax effective structuring of the sale of assets, businesses and equity
  • International advice for New Zealand businesses investing overseas and foreign investors into New Zealand
  • GST and other indirect tax advice
  • Tax due diligence
  • Tax consolidation
  • Estate planning taxation advice
  • Family business succession planning taxation advice