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My magnificent seven tips to improve Return on Capital Employed (ROCE)

06/10/16 - Financial Performance

So often we read or hear in the media about the latest fast-growing business. Everyone seems to focus on the growth of the business but what is the real measure of business success? When I review the financial performance of a business, the primary measure I look at is Return on Capital Employed (ROCE). Generally, if this rate of return isn’t high enough it is usually a sign that some things aren’t quite right in the business.

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Family business succession strategy – communication is the key

06/10/16 - Exit Planning, Family Business

In over thirty years advising family businesses, the most successful succession plans I’ve seen have been the ones where there was solid stakeholder engagement – in other words – good communication within the family. Even if you think everyone is aware of what is going on and generally on the same page, don’t leave things to chance for people to fill in the blank spaces. Fill them in for them.

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